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Day 181(C): Be Quiet!

"One thing [Jung and I] talked about on the walk was how I needed to re-integrate meditation into my daily routine as a way to be more conscious about where I am spending my energy each day.”

I laughed to myself when I read these words today. I wrote them over 140 days ago and yet I still don’t meditate regularly. Today, however, I was reminded that I would be much happier if I did.

Over the weekend when I was struggling with some decisions, Jung pointed me to a particular chapter in Making Good, the book she’s been reading lately. The chapter is titled, “Reflect,” and it has some advice on meditating, and in particular, meditating on questions we have about our lives. I finally made time to read the chapter today, and it inspired me to spend some time meditating on a number of questions and I was surprised by how many answers I received! My priorities came into much sharper focus very quickly with just a short meditation!

Another thing which came clear to me was that I need to be meditating more regularly. I almost felt a voice coming from somewhere within me that was like a concerned parent. It was saying, “You know, you could have saved yourself a lot of time and consternation if you had come to me sooner.” Those answers had been waiting for me for quite a long time, and I had been looking for them everywhere except where they were — within me.

I forget all too often, that I have the answers I need within me, but I need to stop, be quiet, and listen if I am to hear them.

One of the questions I asked myself today was, “What is the best way I can spend my energy this week?” The answer was loud and clear: “Take the time to listen and get back in touch with who you really are.” I think I’ll do just that.