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Day 107(C): Today, My Axe Would Not Fail

"Fighter" by S     

What would you do 
If your daughter,

Who cries during movies and laughs out loud reading books,
Who begins and ends every day with a hug,
Who loves to dance, draw, write, sing, dance, play and read,

Who will tell stories unending to anyone she meets,
Regardless of age or station,

Who, in the time it takes to walk up a flight of stairs,
Can turn a stranger into a friend,

Who has a heart of pure gold,

Painted the picture above
After coming home from school,
Without being asked,
To tell the story of her day;
To tell the world how she felt inside,
To say, “Please help me. I don’t know what else to do.”

What would you do?

As for me, I cried.

I cried when I saw what had been done
To my precious, precious daughter S,
With her heart of pure gold.   

I cried when I thought of
All that joy,
All that love,
giant-sized heart,
Covered in blood and scars;
Taking up arms just to stay alive.

Then I got angry and I took up arms.
My voice became my axe.

I demanded justice for S and for J,
And for myself and for Jung,
And for all of the bullied,
And for the bullies,
And for the bystanders.

Because this hurts everyone.

I cried, “Enough!” 

We’ve waited enough;
We’ve endured enough;
We’ve forgiven enough.

Enough words and enough plans.

My fist hit the table as I told the story of my S,
Who does her work and gets all As from her teachers,
Who advocates for herself and for others,
Standing up to bullies;
Reporting what she sees.

She has done everything the school has asked;
Everything you could ask of a young girl.
But she’s told she’s overreacting.
She’s told to solve the bullying herself.
Nothing changed.

Today my fist hit the table and our voice,
The voice of our family,
And of all the bullied,
And of the bullies,
And of the bystanders,
Was finally heard.

We were finally heard,
Because today,
My axe would not fail.

Will anything change? Absolutely it will.
Either the bullying will be removed,
Or we will remove our children from the bullying.

Either way,
We are not powerless
To protect our children.

What would you do?