SPF 365 Experiment

365 Days of Exploring, Experimenting, Experiencing and Expanding

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Day 97(J): Commitment and Practice For Creation and Transformation

It has been almost one hundred days since I left my corporate employment in order to create work and life that feeds both my soul and my family. In addition to identifying consciousness and awareness as essential ingredients in making the soulful soup that will feed both my soul and my family, I’ve learned that commitment and practice must be brought into the mix.

I can read, listen, watch and talk about all the truth and wisdom in the world, but no knowledge, concepts or ideas will help me make any meaningful progress until I consciously integrate said knowledge, concepts and ideas into my actions through ongoing commitment and practice. It takes practice to makes them mine.

I couldn’t have gained the insights I have now had I not left corporate employment with the faith that kept telling me, “Jump and the net will appear once your feet are in the air!”

Through practicing to embody what I learned through reading books and attending live workshops and seminars, I can now live and experience what had made sense only intellectually before. Deepening my understanding through real experiences feels powerful, and the energy I gain from new insights gives me the confidence and encouragement I need to strive for mastery. Moreover, my practices help me to explore and experiment with new ideas and concepts to expand my book learning.

It is not knowledge, belief, or even inspiration that leads to transformation. It is practicing what I know, believe, and find inspirational that makes a meaningful difference and leads me to my North Star. Practicing the art of living requires consciousness, awareness and commitment. The more I practice, the more progress I make. And it’s progress, not perfection, that counts when I practice!