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Day 43(C): “I Don’t Have Time”

Honesty is a theme which runs throughout much of what Jung and I talk and write about these days. Whether we call honesty out explicitly or talk about it as part of being mature or as part of owning up to our responsibility to transform ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to begin what we are trying to do in our Soul Play Family 365 Experiment if we didn’t try to be as honest as possible in all parts of our lives.

This is why Seth Godin’s post today, “No Choice,” struck such a chord with us. It resonates with Jung’s early post, “The Power of Choice” and it talks about being honest about what we mean when we say we have “no choice.” What we usually mean when we say we have “no choice” is that in fact we already made a choice unconsciously. It’s important to acknowledge that choice, though, because then we can move from choosing unconsciously to choosing consciously and ensuring that our choices are in line with who we want to become. Sometimes we don’t like the choices we’re given, so we’d rather complain and pretend we have no choice, but that’s not honest. Although it may seem like a harmless little lie, I have discovered great power in refusing that lie and instead choosing to be honest about my choices.

“I don’t have time” is another little lie we tell ourselves. It’s another way of saying, “I have no choice. I’d like to do it, but I’m too busy.” Often it truthfully means, “I didn’t set time aside for it,” or “I didn’t make it a priority.” Telling myself “I don’t have time” became a habit, but now, every time I am honest with myself about why “I don’t have time,” it helps me to see how I set my priorities unconsciously. Sometimes “I don’t have time” for something because it is truly not a priority for me. Acknowledging that helps me to be honest about what I truly want, rather than pretending that “I’d like to but I can’t.” Sometimes “I don’t have time” because I allowed unimportant tasks and distractions to eat away at my time so that I wasn’t able to get to something that I truly would have loved to have done. Acknowledging that allows me to better set my priorities in the future and make sure that I put the big rocks into my daily jar of time before allowing the sand to fill up too much space.

Yet again, honesty is the key to my living joyfully! It is what allows me to proclaim “I have time!” for my true works, those which I feel I am here on this planet to create!

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